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Entry #34

Uploading best and new music with epic visualisation.

2017-08-20 11:16:09 by c0rtax

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Two years I work on the Undead Core 3 (Second release) it was released demo sample here:

(Track 3 is released a long time on another album "H0pe" )

most of the tracks will be altered and the newly remade including the more heavy basses and epic melodies
(Will contain the last work of mr. DjGoldwing, which was completed after the release of the second Undead Core.) 

27 Tracks. Huge album, I know! :D

Stay tuned!


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2017-08-25 07:27:00

i miss you djjaner . add me on discord . :P
send me pm

c0rtax responds:

I havent discord


2017-08-28 06:15:23

I have you on skype man :D send me a message pls on skype . bye :)